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Bus production and installation process

Bus production and installation process

1 Subject content and scope of application

busbar shear

This technical code stipulates the principles to be followed in the manufacture, installation and processing of busbar systems. It is suitable for the busbar processing and installation of low-voltage switchgear produced by our company.


2 Cited standards

cnc busbar processing equipment

CECS 49-1993 Acceptance Regulations for Low-voltage Switchgear

GBJ149-1990 Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Bus Installation for Electrical Installation Engineering

GB2681-1981 Wire color in electrical equipment

GB 50258-1996 Low-voltage electrical construction and acceptance specifications for electrical installation engineering


copper busbar shearing machine

3 Equipment, tools and materials

3.1 TMY type copper bus bar, BV, BVR type copper core plastic conductor, copper joint, wiring nose, etc.

3.2 Various specifications of bolts, screws, washers, spring washers, nuts, etc.

3.3 Bending machines, punches, bench drills, bench vices, wooden (rubber) hammers, wrenches, power tools (drills, taps), file needles, sample punches, screwdrivers, steel tapes, rulers, square feet, etc.


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