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Type of high and low voltage switchgear structure

Type of high and low voltage switchgear structure

In the process of production of the switchgear, it is usually connected by welding or assembly, so that the switchgear exhibits two types of structures.
When the switchgear is connected by welding, the whole switchgear cabinet can be made into a whole body with high strength, but there are some welding defects on the exterior to make the appearance
It is affected and the production efficiency is low. When the cabinet is used, when the external force is large, a certain deformation will occur, which affects the function of the cabinet and is shaped.
After the change appears, it is difficult to adjust it back to its original state. In addition, when the cabinet is connected by welding, there is a high requirement for the welding technology, if it is not achieved
Seeking, often can not guarantee the quality of welding, affecting the performance of the entire switchgear. Therefore, the application of this method is relatively low, and in the current power system, the welding method is rarely applied.
Another type of structure of the high and low voltage switchgear is an assembled structure, which uses bolts to connect different profiles together to achieve a fixed function. Switch cabinet assembly
At the time, including the cabinet frame and the door panel 2, the frame part is mostly composed of profiles, the door panel adopts the cold plate spraying structure, and the circuits in the cabinet are mechanically interlocked.
The circuit breaker or the removable component is withdrawn. When connecting by means of assembly, the operation is relatively simple, the production rate is fast, and during use, the components are separate
There is a problem that the entire cabinet is difficult to deform and can be adjusted in any situation. At the same time, the parts are tightly joined together and the outer surface is very smooth, the whole
The switch cabinet is more beautiful, and the surface of the structure can be pre-processed to improve the performance and applicability of the switch cabinet on the basis of ensuring the appearance of the cabinet.


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