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Precautions for waterproofing of busbars during installation of dense insulated

Precautions for waterproofing of busbars during installation of dense insulated busbars


Busbar waterproof

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Busbars are generally designed to be used indoors. The humidity in the air will not affect the operation of the busbars. However, water in the busbars during use will inevitably cause a reduction in insulation. Long-term operation will cause short circuits and burn the busbars. Therefore, the necessary protection measures should be taken for the installation method that may cause the busway to enter the water. 

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For example, when the busway passes through the floor, the floor water accumulation due to various reasons such as production or roof leakage will leak along the busway passing through the floor, causing the busway to enter the water and reduce the insulation of the busway. After the bus bar of the acrylic plant polymerization workshop of our factory was put into use, a short-circuit failure caused by the water ingress when the bus bar passed through the floor caused a shutdown accident of the entire production device. The solution is to add waterproof cofferdam when the busway crosses the floor

Even if the bus duct is connected with the expansion joint of the transformer for transition, the current of the main bus as the low-voltage incoming main bus is generally larger, and some have reached 2500A. The corresponding expansion joint has a larger cross-section and less elasticity, which may still cause Transformer low voltage sleeve is stressed. 

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Therefore, it is recommended to use the fixing method shown in Figure 3 for the bus bar of the transformer room. Use the channel steel bracket to mount under the bus bar, and use round steel as the hoop to fix the bus bar on the channel steel bracket. Both ends of the channel steel bracket and the embedded parts on both sides of the transformer room are bolted. In this way, the "steel" fixation of the channel steel bracket is fully matched with the "flexible" connection of the expansion joint, and the "steel flexibility" ensures that the low bushing of the transformer will not be damaged by force.



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