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Typical laminated busbar application case

Laminated busbars, also known as composite busbars, laminated busbars, laminated busbars, sandwich busbars, low-sensitivity busbars, electronic busbars, called Laminated Busbar in English (shown in Figure 1), are a multi-layer composite structure. The connection row can be regarded as the highway of the distribution system. Compared to traditional, cumbersome, time consuming and cumbersome wiring methods, laminated busbars offer modern, easy to design, fast and clearly structured power distribution systems.

It has the characteristics of repeatable electrical performance, low inductance, low impedance, anti-interference, high reliability, space saving, simple and fast assembly, and can be used as a high-power modular connection component. Because of the above advantages, laminated busbars are widely used in photovoltaic, wind power, electric power and hybrid traction, electric brake units, electric traction equipment, cellular communication, base stations, telephone exchange systems, large network equipment, large and medium-sized computers, power switches. Systems, welding systems, military equipment systems, power generation systems, power conversion modules for electric equipment, etc.

The advantages of the laminated busbar are as follows:

1. Lower overall cost;
2. High reliability and high security;
3. Concise and compact design saves a lot of space;
4. It has a very low inductance (for switching devices such as IGBTs, it can avoid breakdown due to surge voltage)
5. Very low impedance;
6. Greatly reduce the probability of installation errors;
7. Convenient on-site installation and service;
8. Added partial capacitance;
9. Under the same circumstances, the current carrying capacity is greatly improved compared with the cable;
10. Under the same current-carrying conditions, the temperature rise is lower than that of the cable.
For the laminated busbar, its most important advantage is its low inductance, which is not replaced by other busbars.


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