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Copper busbar processing technology

Copper busbar processing technology

4.1 Select the busbar specifications according to the drawing requirements or according to the rated current of the circuit and dynamic thermal stability requirements.

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4.2 According to the installation position of primary components in the cabinet and the cabinet structure to determine the length of the bus bar and the bending form, make the bus bar sample line.

4.3 Carry out blanking and bending according to the sample line, and then perform scribing, punching or drilling according to the requirements of the lap technique of the component end and the bus bar, and chamfer to remove the burr of the opening.

4.4 The surface of the bus bar is tinned

4.4.1 Procurement of tin-lined busbars directly.

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4.4.2 For the inconvenient tin-bonded copper busbars to be assembled and overlapped with each other, conductive paste should be applied in the middle.

4.5 Phase sequence identification on bus surface

Add color code to the appropriate part of the bus bar: phase A is yellow, phase B is green, phase C is red, DC positive electrode is brown, negative electrode is blue, neutral wire is light blue, and the ground wire is yellow and green.

4.6 Before the busbar is installed, the tin-lined lap surface must be cleaned, and suitable bolts, washers, spring washers and nuts should be selected.

 Soft bus processing technology

5.1 According to the requirements of the drawings or according to the requirements of the rated current of the circuit and the equipment conditions, the specifications of the copper core plastic wire are selected.

5.2 After selecting a proper route for wire dropping, measure the wire blanking, and use a wire stripper to strip the appropriate amount of insulation. Stripping length parameterSee Table 1. Remove surface oxidationObjects and adhesives must not damage the copper core. Table 1

cnc bus bar shear

5.3 Select a suitable wiring nose, put it on the core of the plastic wire, press it tightly with hydraulic pliers, and carry out tin-lined, thenThen select suitable fasteners to fasten.

Wire specifications(mm2)

Stripping length(mm)










Note: Single-core wires under 10mm2 can be bent and installed after tinned.

5.4 Except for special requirements, the ends of the soft busbars shall be covered with rubber soft-colored tubes or marked with color codes at appropriate locations: phase A is yellow, phase B is green, phase C is red, DC positive pole is brown, and negative pole is blue. The neutral wire is light blue, and the ground wire is yellow-green.


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